Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Turn Leftover Valentines into Toddler Match Game

Ever wonder what to do with a ton of leftover valentines? Can't pass up a reason to buy heavily discounted valentines after Valentine's Day has passed? Fear not, my friends! If you've got a toddler always in need of something to keep his or her hands occupied (like I do), you're in luck. Here's how to turn those leftovers into a cute match game using a few materials and very little time...


-2 matching sets of valentines (my set had 8 different valentine options, so I used 16 valentines total)
-construction paper or cardstock
-laminator and laminating sheets


1. Cut characters out of two sets of valentines so that the words are no longer showing.

2. Place one set of valentines onto heavy cardstock.

3. Laminate cardstock and other set of loose characters and cut out. Place soft Velcro on each of the characters placed on cardstock. Place rough Velcro on the backs of the loose characters.

That's it! A few short steps lead you to a few brief but wonderful moments of free time while your tot enjoys his or her new, exciting match game!

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