Monday, July 14, 2014

Number Recognition and Counting Activities

It is so hard to believe that we are half way through summer break (at least over here in Pennsylvania)! Prepare your little ones for their upcoming preschool and early elementary years using these fun and simple ways to identify numbers, put them in order, and begin to count!
Label Legos with numbers 1-20 (or as high as your little munchkins can go) and have your child stack them in order!
Use a cookie sheet (aka-instant magnet board) and write numbers 1-10 using a permanent marker. Match magnetic numbers found at your nearest dollar store with the written numbers for number id fun!
Use any type of envelopes labeled with numbers 1-10 to have your child count the correct number of popsicle sticks to place inside them!
Use a basic sorting tray marked with various numbers and encourage your child to sort index cards by number.

Activities like these are perfect for summer learning, as they are so simple to put together and super quick and fun for munchkins to complete that they won't even realize they're educational! Happy rest of summer!!!

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