Monday, June 30, 2014

Elmo Birthday Wreath

In honor of my sweet munchkin's 2nd birthday party that we celebrated on Saturday (her big day is Tuesday, July 1st), I would love to be able to post complete party decòr and all of the themed paraphernalia used...but, quite frankly, I am just too stinking tired.! I promise I will post everything soon, but for now...enjoy the Elmo wreath I created to welcome guests to her (obviously) Elmo-themed party!


-1 1/2 rolls of red mesh ribbon
-wire wreath form
-GIANT google eyes
-orange felt
-10-12" of black ribbon (enough that it reaches from one side of the wreath to the other with some slack to form the mouth)
-wooden number (mine was 2", although I now wish I had used a larger size)
-washi tape
-leftover black ribbon or a 6" piece of ribbon
-glue gun/sticks


1. Weave mesh ribbon through the wreath form. Check out this awesome tutorial to see how!

2. Hot glue google eyes to the top of the wreath

3. Cut orange felt into a large circle and hot glue below the eyes, overlapping them slightly to get the "Elmo" effect

4. Glue long piece of ribbon on both ends and stretch from one end of the wreath (toward the bottom) to the other, giving some slack in the middle to make it look like a smile.

5. Wrap wooden number in washi tape and add a bow to the top. Glue the number to the wreath.

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet Claire! Stay tuned for a birthday giveaway rolling out tomorrow!!!

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