Monday, June 9, 2014

Simple and Inexpensive Party Invitation

My little pumpkin is turning 2 next month! How did that even happen?!?! We decided not to go the traditional route with invitations this year, as I wanted something unique, AND I always manage to mess something up when I attempt to design them myself online. Using this cute, chalkboard easel that I recently purchased at Michael's, I used chalk markers to decorate it with details of Claire's upcoming party and positioned her by it, in the hopes that I could catch a few sweet smiles and choose one of them to send to party guests.

I'm not gonna lie to took us about 25 takes! However, I am really excited with how they turned out and have gotten quite a few compliments from guests. I ordered the chosen pose (above) in 5x5 prints from Costco and sent them on their merry way! Stay tuned for party pics in July...In the meantime, check out a few of the pics that didn't quite make the final cut, but that I absolutely adore!

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