Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Simplest Earrings You'll Ever Make! A Basic Tutorial

Is anyone else out there horrible about losing jewelry? I lose it almost as quickly as I buy or receive it, and it is soooo frustrating! In fact, one of the reasons why I started making jewelry originally was because I knew it would be the most inexpensive way to have jewelry and I wouldn't feel as bad if I lost any pieces. Little did I know I would completely loooove the hobby itself and that I would continue making jewelry years later for gifts, sales, and funsies! Here are the steps to create a pair of earrings for the beginning jewelry maker

-earring wires (2)
-head pins
-beads of your choice
-wire cutters
-needle-nosed pliers


1. Place bead onto head pin.

2. Place earring wire on head pin on top of the bead.
3. Cut the end of the head pin using wire cutters, leaving about half an inch above the earring wire (see picture)

4. Using needle-nosed pliers, bend the remaining wire of the headpin to the 

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