Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frozen Glove Puppet Theatre

I finally had the chance to watch Frozen (I know...its about time, right?!?!), and LOVED it! Disney has absolutely done it again! Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff (two of my Broadway faves) did not disappoint, and who knew Kristen Bell had such an amazing voice (is there anything that girl can't do)? As always, the minor characters stole my heart! Sven was adorable and there are no words to describe my newfound love for everything Olaf! My 20-month-old was a huge fan too and has made mama proud with her attempts to sing "Wetty Go!!!" All in all, my new favorite movie! It seemed obvious to me that my next craft project had to be themed around this wonderful film, so I immediately got to work to make a miniature puppet theatre using a glove, iron-on transfers, and five of Frozen's finest cast members, courtesy of Sweeps4Bloggers! I have included instructions AND a printable of the characters for you to make your very own!


-Frozen characters printable
-fabric scissors
-hot glue gun/glue sticks
-rough Velcro


1. Print characters onto iron-on transfer paper (any kind is fine, just be sure to follow the directions precisely!)

2. Cut out characters
3. Transfer characters to felt

4. Cut out felt characters (Note: After cutting the characters out like I did in the picture below, I decided to cut them again more precisely, but you get the idea!)
5. Hot glue rough-sided Velcro to the backs of each felt character (no soft Velcro needed, as the rough Velcro will stick to the mitten on its own)

6. Place felt characters onto the glove in any order you'd prefer!

The sky is the limit as far as how this glove can be used! I would love to hear how you used yours! On that note, I do believe its time to watch Frozen again...

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  1. Very cute idea. My daughter would certainly love a set of puppets.


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