Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Button Shamrock Pin

Ok, seriously, how is it March already??? I literally closed my eyes and February was over; not that I'm complaining, because Mother Nature has not been kind to us here in Western PA, but wow! With that being said, let's get some St. Patty's Day craft-ness going! First up is this ridiculously simple and insanely cute shamrock pin made of buttons...


-four, green buttons, approximately the  same size
-glue gun/glue sticks
-green ribbon, cut to about 4"
-flat-backed pins (typically sold in the jewelry-making sections of craft stores)


1. Glue together two buttons diagonally together as shown in the picture below
2. Glue on a third button (picture below)
3. Glue fourth button to the bottom of the shamrock
4. Glue flat part of the pin to the back of the buttons near the center
5. Fold ribbon in half and glue open ends together
6. Glue ribbon to bottom of buttons so that loop of the ribbon is shown as the stem of the shamrock. 
Warning...There WILL be glue gun strings! Use a hair dryer to get rid of any loose strings! Make a bunch of these and pass them out to co-workers, secretaries, neighbors, etc. So simple, but they'll love them! And, as always, send me pics of what you make!

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