Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dental Health Month Activity for Kids

Did you know that February is Dental Health Month? Not that we shouldn't be worried about our pearly whites every month of the year, but I tend to stress it pretty heavily in my classroom throughout this month in particular. Here is a really cute activity I use in different variations each year with my classroom and, now that I have a little one of my own who is old enough to use it, at home, too! Its super simple and lends itself really well to a lesson on plaque and why using a toothbrush thoroughly is the only way to remove it successfully! Aaaand it gives me an excuse to drive everyone bonkers with the "Brush Your Teeth" song I'm sure you know from your childhood. "When ya wake up in the morning, it's a quarter to one and you want to have a little fun, ya brush your teeth, ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch!" Everybody..."ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch!" Here's how this activity is created...


-white cardstock
-pink construction paper (could be any color, but I liked the color of gums!)
-contact paper
-dry erase marker


1. Cut 5 teeth out of white cardstock (I just sort of guessed as I cut, because teeth come in all shapes and sizes!)
2. Tape teeth to construction paper

3. Cover teeth and construction paper with contact paper and trim
4. Using a dry erase marker, color in "plaque spots" on each of the teeth in various spots.

5. Children take turns using a toothbrush to "remove the plaque"
A Vis a vis marker could also be used to emphasize the importance of using water when brushing your teeth and rinsing at the end of a good brush.

Happy Dental Health Month, Everyone!!!


  1. What a cute idea! My preschooler would love this!

    1. Thanks so much, Stephanie! I'd love to see pics if you do try this with your little one!

  2. Educating your kids about dental health is very important. Thanks to this post I can learn more things specially my kids.


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