Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peek-A-Boo Heart Mason Jar

Have you tried the Martha Stewart glass paint yet? I recently had the opportunity to try it out for myself to decorate this peek-a-boo heart, mason jar, and it rocked! Here's how I did it...

-Mason jar
-Martha Stewart glass paint (I bought the "Fine Glitter-Translucent" in "Copper," but the options are insanely unlimited!)
-foam brush
-contact paper
-washi tape
-red burlap or other fabric 
-cinnamon candies
-scalloped scissors

1. Cut a heart shape out of contact paper. Peel off paper backing and place flat onto mason jar.
2. Use foam brush to cover jar entirely with paint (use up and down strokes for consistency, as the paint is very translucent and everything shows up!) I painted three coats total to get the look I wanted.
3. After paint is completely dry, carefully peel off contact paper
4. Place red, washi tape around ring of mason jar
5. Place a 4"x4" piece of burlap or fabric over jar lid and cut around the lid to make a circle a little larger than the lid itself.
6. Place cinnamon candies in jar for added Valentine-y color
7. Place burlap covered lid onto the mason jar and screw on rin
8. Print out a cute label like THIS ONE onto cardstock, cut out with fancy scissors and tie it around the jar using curling ribbon.
Done-skis! Claire and I will be passing these out to our super, awesome neighbors to remind them they are loved and admired! Can't wait!!!


  1. What a beautiful idea! A perfect Valentine's Day gift. I would love to have something DIY like this. And it's wonderful decoration to have around the house afterwards.

    1. Thanks so much, Joanna! I actually hadn't even thought about keeping the jar around after Valentine's Day, but you're absolutely right!

  2. Very cute! My girls would love making these!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I would love to see pictures if your girls make them! The possibilities of shapes you can use are endless!


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