Thursday, December 12, 2013

Revamped Stocking Hangers

As much as I love my house and am grateful for it, Christmastime makes me realize each year how much I regret not having a fireplace to display stockings, decorations, flowers, etc., not to mention having to eventually explain to Claire how Santa gets gifts into our house without a chimney. Good thing I have some sweet, improvisation skills! I have always wanted to use weighted stocking hangers that can be found at any department or craft store but refuse to pay the prices they typically ask. Fortunately for me, I have a dollar store within 2 miles of my house (Yikes!) and a surplus of craft supplies to adapt my findings. See for yourself...
I found these little gems for $1.00 each and, while they are definitely not my style, I could definitely see their potential, so I got crackin' (literally...I had to really do some breakage to adapt these the way I wanted)!


-stocking holders
-washi tape (I used red and green for festive funsies)
-small frames (mine were about 2"x3")
-glue gun/sticks


1. Remove the decorative tops of the stocking hangers (may need to use some tough love to really get the job done)
2. Wrap washi tape around the base of the hanger, starting with the hook itself. Cover the base with tape entirely, using scissors to cut any excess.

3. Remove backing and glass from frame. Cover the front and sides of the frame with washi tape.
4. Replace glass and back of frame and glue the top of the frame to the base of the stocking holder. Note: The opening of the frame should be available to insert pictures.
5. Print and insert pictures into frames and proudly display!


  1. I totally love this idea! I always see everyone with letters and some families have multiple people with the same first letter of their first name. This would be a cute solution to that!

  2. Thanks so much, Amanda! I hadn't even thought about the same initial confusion! Good call!

  3. Very cute Shannon! Can't wait till next year when you add another picture weight!!


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