Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Yellow School Bus book and Traffic Light Craft

This week's book and craft was based on the book The Yellow School Bus. While it is primarily meant for young students, I liked the counting concepts and the hands-on experience the book provided for my students. Because my class is so focused this school year on functional words and safety signs in the community, I thought I would support this book and what we are learning with a traffic light craft. I found a super cute idea for a traffic light color match activity and craft at No Time for Flashcards Blog and adapted it slightly to make it POP on our classroom walls.

Here's how:


-large, white construction paper

-circular lid (to trace circles)

-black marker

-red, yellow, and green construction paper (ripping the paper is an excellent fine motor skill for students, not to mention stress-relieving!)

-black, construction paper

-glue stick


1. Trace one, large rectangle on a piece of large, white construction paper
2. Use the circular lid to trace three circles, one on top of the other. If your students or kiddos are good tracers, have them do it or help them in doing so.
3. Tear red, green, and yellow construction paper into small pieces and glue them to the corresponding circles. We put all of the ripped pieces together and had the students sort them by color before gluing, for extra learning funsies!
4. Cut black, construction paper into a rectangle the same size as the rectangle drawn on the white paper
6. Using the same, circular lids, trace three, vertical circles onto the black paper
7. Cut out the circles drawn, beginning in the middle of the paper and remaining inside of the drawn lines slightly
8. Glue the black construction paper onto the white paper, matching up circles.
9. Trim excess white paper

That's it!!! As always, please send me pics when you complete this project with your own children or students. Have fun!!!

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