Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not-So-Lame Vocabulary Review-Definition Necklace

Remember Fridays in high school, where all you wanted to do was get through the school day so that you could hang out with friends at the football game later that evening or go see the newest movie at the local theatre, and the only thing standing in your way was the dreaded, weekly vocab test? Gah, I hated those things! Who can say they have ever used the words "nonchalant" or "rebuke" in a conversation?

As a matter of fact, I also can't recall the last time I used a dictionary (sorry, Mr. Webster!)...until now! Using some simple and inexpensive materials, and vintage dictionaries, I have been able to make these awesome, definition necklaces and give them out as gifts!

Here are some of the materials used to create this awesome jewelry!

Definition of "hope" necklace for a very special friend

I did a variation on this necklace for this gift to my sweet mama!

The possibilities are endless with these necklaces! Using vintage, sheet music, I made this music note necklace for Claire's Kindermusik teacher.

Multiple definitions can be incorporated, as well! This necklace was made as a giveaway item for my sister's blog.

Please contact me at hoybycrafts@gmail.com if you are interested in a custom, definition necklace.

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  1. what a lovely idea, I'll be keeping my eyes open in charity shops for necklaces suitable for a makeover.


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