Monday, October 28, 2013

Jack 'o Lantern Treat Cups

My classroom staff members are rock stars! Period! We work in a stressful environment on a regular basis, where flexibility, patience, and strong communication skills are an absolute must at all times. Not only do these guys exemplify all of these qualities, but they do so with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor! The absolute least I can do for them is treat them to some holiday-inspired, crafty treats! I purchased clear, plastic tumblers and transformed them into jack o' lanterns to help bring out their inner children! I mean, who doesn't still love a treat bag (or, in this case, treat cup) filled with chocolate at any age? Here's how you can make them yourselves:


-clear, plastic tumbler
-candy in orange wrappers (I chose Reese's cups and Kit Kats)
-black cardstock
-green cardstock
-green, curling ribbon
-double-sided tape


1. Fill tumblers with candy, leaving room in the middle for the straw to fit when closed.
2. Place lid and straw onto the cup
3. Cut a circle out of the green cardstock and cut two slits (making a plus sign) into the center of
    the circle to slide over the straw. You can add a message onto the cardstock, if you wish, or leave
    it blank.
4. Cut 4, 24" pieces of curling ribbon and tie around the base of the straw.
5. Use scissors to curl each tail of ribbon
6. Cut out various jack o' lantern face shapes out of black cardstock and adhere to cup using double-
    sided tape

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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