Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Infant Owl Costume

As cute as Halloween costumes for babies are, I have a hard time being willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money on them, when they only fit for 1-2 wears and runs the risk of being spit, peed, and pooped upon at any given time. I love owls (much like everyone else) and wanted to turn my little munchkin into one for Halloween last year, but wanted to keep my budget to a minimum. Using a white hat, onesie, tights, felt, my handy dandy glue gun, and a small, fleece blanket purchased at my local dollar store, I was able to do exactly that (in fact, since I had the tights, hat, shoes and some of the felt on hand, the whole sha-bang cost me about $5!)
Here's how...

-white, long-sleeved onesie
-white baby tights
-white baby hat
-RIT dye in brown
-felt sheets (2 of each of the following colors-orange, bright blue, bright green, bright pink, orange, brown)
-small, fleece blanket
-glue gun and glue sticks
1. Dye hat, onesie and tights according to RIT package directions (be SURE to follow the directions to a tee, or I assure you it will not dye evenly!). Wash and dry according to package directions.
2. Cut out leaf shapes in all colors of felt (enough to cover the front of the onesie)
3. Beginning with the bottom of the onesie (near the fasteners), alternate leaf shapes (aka-"feathers," according to color, creating three across (refer to picture above as a reference).
4. Hot glue the tops of the feathers to the bottom of the onesie
5. Glue a row of four feathers above the original row, overlapping them slightly. Continue to glue rows of feathers on top of each other, adding feathers across as needed, until reaching the neckline of the onesie.
6. Cut the fleece blanket in half diagonally (making 2 triangles) and glue the long side of the triangle across the arms of the onesie
7. Cut out six circles-2 pink (large), 2 green (medium) and 2 brown (small with triangle cut out for the pupil) for the eyes and glue to the hat
8. Using leftover pieces of the blanket, make two bows and adhere to the hat.
9. Cut a triangular piece of orange felt and glue to the hat for the owl's beak

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