Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A History of Handmade Couples' Costumes

Halloween is absolutely my FAVORITE holiday! Candy, pumpkins AND the opportunity to get creative with costume ideas...are you kidding me??? Awesome sauce! I was going through past pictures of costumes my husband and I have worn over the years, and wanted to share them with you! Some of the pics are not super quality (and, in some cases, pictures of pictures), but you will get the idea and hilarity of it all. Hope you enjoy!!!

Here are some pics of my hubby Jason and I as Papa Smurf and Smurfette almost nine years ago when the Halloween party theme was "Cartoons." We purchased winter hats in red and white, red pajama pants, a white dress, two, white turtlenecks and 1 pair of tights dyed (terribly) blue and LOTS of blue face paint (my poor sister-in-law's sink was dyed blue for years after this particular party). I used white felt and Poly-fil I had lying around for Papa Smurf's beard and Voila!

Here's a shot of us with Jason's sister, Jen and her husband, Max (aka-Mario and Princess Peach) and his sister, Julie and her husband Bill (aka-Peter Pan and a 7-month pregnant Tinkerbell).

The next few pictures are of terrible quality but too awesome not to share. I hacked up two children's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes and sewed/glued them to green sweatshirts and sweatpants for the "Superheroes"-themed party. We added green face paint, balloons for muscles, plastic weapons, and orange and red pieces of fabric tied around our heads. If I remember correctly, my husband and I fought over who got to be Michaelangelo and had to settle the fight with a coin toss (which he obviously won)!

As for the "Fairy Tales" theme, we dressed up as Goldilocks and the Three Bears (myself being Goldilocks and Jas repping the three bears). To create the bear costume, I used brown sweatpants and a hoodie, along with two, brown bathmats. We tied a teddy bear to each of his arms to create 3 bears. My costume was made from an old dress of my mother's, tights, and Mary Janes. I am sooo sad I don't have a better pic of Jason's costume, as it is still my favorite to this day! If I do find more, I promise I will add them to this post!


Hubby and I went back and forth for weeks deciding what costumes we would wear for the "80's"-themed party until finally agreeing that we would veer off into the world of "80's toys" and go as My Buddy and Kid Sister. Using denim overalls we had on hand and white, painter's overalls I purchased, along with a white hat I painted red, a white, foam visor, and shirts purchased at my local thrift store, I got right to work! I added pinstripes to the white overalls and visor using a ruler and a pink, paint pen and multi-colored stripes to my husband's yellow shirt using paint and ribbon. We added some eyeliner freckles to our cheeks, and I pigtailed my hair into braids with pink ribbons to complete the look!

Our most recent (not to mention most embarassing) costumes were for the "Celebrities" themed party. At the time, Jessica Simpson was fresh out of the theatres as Daisy in The Dukes of Hazzard movie and dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. My husband and I weren't satisfied with modeling these two celebs...until we decided it would be hilarious for me to dress like Tony and Jas like Jessica! Yikes! The Tony Romo costume was made using a jersey and blue hat purchased at Wal-Mart and detailed using iron-on decals, windpants and sweatshirts worn as shoulder pads. Jessica's costume involved a blonde wig, plaid shirt purchased at a thrift store, tanktop, cutoff shorts, false eyelashes, lipstick, nylons, and cowboy boots. Needless to say, my husband was a very good sport...but a very ugly woman!

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