Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Metal Stamping-Practice Makes (semi-) Perfect

If you've been paying attention to my blog for awhile (and God bless you for sticking with me!), you may have seen my attempts to use my metal stamping set to create initial necklaces for some of my faves. If you're newer to the blog (Yaaay!!!), you can see the attempts HERE! I have been a good little crafter in the time since and, while I still buy plenty of stamping  blanks in case of uncentered or "jacked up" letters and certainly won't be opening up a shop featuring these guys any time soon, I've gotten much better at this metal stamping thing and actually find it a lot of fun!

One of my mom's Mother's Day gifts, in honor of her three grandbabies and their corresponding birth stones

I won't lie, this one took a few takes, but I'm happy with the overall product!

This one was in honor of my sister's first marathon

One of my Facebook giveaway winners won this necklace, in honor of her four sweethearts

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