Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thrift Store Table Revamped

In my attempt to begin sitting on my front porch and getting to know my neighbors better (I have a fully fenced-in backyard that I consider my happy place, so I typically spend my summers there), I thought I would redec a thrift store table I had recently picked up, in the hopes that it would become my morning coffee-sipping space. I started by unscrewing each of the table legs from the tabletop and spray painting them with two coats ofoff-white using Krylon indoor/outdoor paint. I then spray painted the tabletop hunter green.

After the tabletop was completely dry, I placed pieces of painters tape from one end of the tabletop to another and continued to overlap them randomly. Using the same off-white, spray paint as on the table legs, I painted two coats over the tape. Once the tabletop had dried, I removed the painter's tape to reveal a pretty nifty design. After some brief touch ups to areas that looked a litte funky, I reconnected the legs to the tabletop and Voila...I present you my morning coffee spot!
Table similar to the one I bought at my local thrift store

I really should've taken more "before" shots (ahhh, hindsight...), but here is a picture of the tabletop covered with painter's tape and two coats of off-white, paint

Completed project

Coffee corner


I love hearing your feedback and getting your ideas, so bring 'em on!!!