Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Revamped-Mug stand to jewelry-holder

I currently can't get enough of thrift stores and finding items on the cheap to makeover into items that are fun and functional! This past week, I found a mug holder at my local thrift shop in the ugliest color of green I have ever seen! I've been working very hard lately to see past ugly colors and marks on products like this one, so after determining that the item itself was in great shape and was able to be revamped, I paid my $.99 and brought that bad boy home with me, determined to turn it into a bracelet holder using chalkboard paint (which, I absolutely love and encourage any crafter to purchase and have on hand at all times!). I sanded it, sprayed two coats of chalkboard paint on it, let it dry and Voila! I plan to keep this on my nightstand to hold all of my bracelets, but I may also use it in the future for craft shows to display bracelets I've made, along with their prices, which can be easily labeled with chalk! Yaaay for old items made new again (and for very little moolah, no less)!

Before-seriously, how uggo is this color of green?


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  1. Much more sophisticated now! You really can't beat the satisfaction of picking up a bargain and making it better can you. Great job.


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