Monday, June 17, 2013

The History of Hoyby---Hoybistory, if you will!

It has been brought to my attention (more than once) that the name of my blog is hard to pronounce and all-around bizarre…Fair enough! Allow me to explain to you why I chose the name that I did...
Once upon a time… a beautiful princess named Shannon was born.
While she was given a pretty ordinary first name (despite the fact that the name was inspired by the song “Shannon,” which was later determined to be about a dog, but she’s not bitter…), her mother (the queen, apparently) wanted to gift her with an extraordinary, middle name…

The queen thought and thought and thought until, one day, she decided she would combine two, family names to make the perfect middle name for her fair (and I mean, fair…this princess burns when a flashlight is pointed at her) princess. She combined her maiden name, “Dalby” with the maiden name of her mother, “Hoyland.”
But how was she to decide which name would be suitable for a beauty such as Princess Shannon? She narrowed it down to two names…”Dalland” and “Hoyby,” pronounced “Hoy-bee” (ok, so Hoyby was never actually in the running and was just a joke between the king and queen, but how lame would this story be without it…its sort of a big deal). When Princess Shannon was brought back to the kingdom, the king proclaimed her to be named “Her royal highness, Shannon Dalland Beaver!”
As Princess Shannon grew up, she made the dastardly mistake of sharing her almost-middle-name with her evil step-cousins (alright…legit, first cousins who she loves to death, but still…). The cousins taunted her mercilessly about the name, referring to her only as Hoyby for years...

Princess Shannon promised the evil step-cousins that she would one day make “Hoyby” a household name and use it to take over the world.

So she started a blog named Hoyby Crafts, featuring her crafts, as well as the crafts and handmade item of others. The cousins knelt at Princess Shannon's feet and begged for forgiveness for their unkind remarks. Princess Shannon graciously forgave them, in exchange for their recipes and crafty ideas..
And they all lived happily ever after… :0)


  1. Haha, cute story! I had a coupe embarrassing nicknames, but they were always used by friends and were endearing, and that's what I think yours is as well :)

    1. Definitely, Bethany! Nicknames give us character, so I'm not complaining, haha!

  2. Hysterical! I distinctly remember creating this merciless plan to call you Hoyby while playing a game of spoons at Grandma and Pap's!!
    And maybe you are on to something with wanting to write a children's book. You're quite imaginative with the princess stuff and all!!! :p

    1. I really should've made you the evil sorceress in the story, as the evil stepcousins wouldn't have been made aware of the dastardly name, had you not entered the picture...


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