Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The hubby and I decided at the last minute this weekend to break out our Kennywood season passes and spend a few hours taking Claire on some of the rides. Last summer, she was teeny tiny and barely stayed awake on the two rides we could hold her on (the carousel and the train). Needless to say, this summer will be FAR more exciting, and I can't wait! Claire was an absolute ANGEL and enjoyed herself thoroughly. Looks like I have another amusement park-obsessed member in my family! My nerd bomber husband is a card-carrying member of American Coaster Enthusiasts...wonder if they make ACE cards to fit tiny hands...

Enjoying the sights and sounds of Kennywood
Enjoying the turtles with daddy
Enjoying the performers

Silly daddy didn't know how the game was played...so Claire showed him how it was done!
Holding onto the handrail like a big girl!

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  1. I love these pics!!!!! She's so stinking cute!!!
    And I cannot wait to see her in a few (too many) hours!!!!!!


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