Friday, April 5, 2013

Simple Superhero Cape Designs

The son of one of my co-workers recently had unexpected brain surgery to remove a benign (thank goodness) tumor on his brain. All of the reports that we received from my co-worker and his wife mentioned how unbelievably positive and brave their son was throughout the entire process and that he was, without a doubt, their hero. While shopping at Target one afternoon, I came across some superhero capes in the party favors section. I quickly snatched two of them and came home ready to carry out my plan (Mua ha ha ha!!!).

I used blue and yellow felt to cut out two large shapes (a diamond for one and an oval for the other) and some letters (SG for Super Gideon and SC for Super Corbin, Gideon's little brother, who I thought might also like one) and hot glued them to the capes. I found matching masks at my local party store and sent them off to their brave recipients.


  1. That's so sweet, sissybabes!!

  2. There was such an awesome outpouring of support for this little guy from my co-workers. I am so fortunate to work in a place with such amazing people, and Gideon is recovering well from his surgery. He's a real superhero if I've ever seen one!

  3. You are fabulous!!!! I have tears in my eyes!!! What a sweet thing to also make one for the brother!!! xoxox

  4. They're a pretty incredible family!


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