Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rustic Tree Trunk Candle Holder

tree, trunk, candle holder, rustic, centerpiece, vase, wood
The gorgeous tablescape

When I attended my cousin Sarah's 30th birthday party in February, I had no doubt I could count on three things: good music, good food, and good people. Little did I know that my aunt and uncle would also throw in some awesomely crafty centerpieces and decor, as well! They went above and beyond to set up the tables at the party. For the center of the centerpiece, My uncle, Kevin cut each of the logs and branches out himself and hollowed out each of their tops large enough to fit a tealight. Using logs of three different lengths, my aunt, Rita adhered them together with a very strong epoxy and tied brown and green twine around them. Thankfully, she allowed me to take one home with me, as I fear I would've snatched one up with or without permission! As if that wasn't enough, Kevin also cut holes into smaller pieces of log to turn them into faux flower vases (I also currently own one of these in my household...thanks, Uncle Kev!). Rita also used white, cupcake liners (and lots of 'em) to create the adorable bouquets that sat atop glass bowls and battery-operated tealights. The party was a wonderful time, and the birthday girl made 30 look good; however, now the pressure is on for all future parties to come. Can't wait to see what kind of creation they hold...

tree, trunk, candle holder, rustic, centerpiece, vase, wood
Another view of the decor

tree, trunk, candle, candle holder, centerpiece, rustic
Centerpiece for the gift table

tree, trunk, candle holder, rustic, centerpiece, vase, wood
The yummy and super-creative appetizer table


  1. It was a fabulous party with amazing decor!!! I highly doubt my party will have anything like that...just good food and good people!

  2. Aaaand a splash of your fave fat cat!!! ;0) But good food and good people sounds great, too!


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