Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother's Day Gift-States Frame

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Here is an awesome idea for a mother whose children are all grown up. My amazing sister created my mother (above) and grandmother (below) both of these projects by printing pictures of states and countries onto decorative paper and designating the specific location in which each child resides with little hearts. She then placed the pictures in decorative frames to give as gifts. My mom's frame represents each of her children, beginning with me, the oldest (and wisest) of her children, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. My middle-child, sister lives in southern Virginia, while my baby bro resides in our hometown of Chambersburg, located in south central PA. My grandmother’s frame is representative of her family members, who reside in Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and her beloved England. Grandma received this gift for her 80th birthday and was very touched at its sentiment. A simple, yet extremely special and sentimental idea for the women we love this mother's day…well done, sissybabes!!!

mother, grandmother, states, country, frame, gift, mom, grandma


  1. "Wisest" is debateable.....
    Ok....you win!

    1. You spelled debatable wrong, dearest sissybabes! I stand firm on my wisest title! Love you! Thanks so much for this awesome project!!!


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