Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Treats How To: Chocolate Chicks

My aunt just sent me the instructions for these sweet (pun very much intended) little Cadbury egg chicks, courtesy of A Mummy Too. As if Cadbury eggs weren't amazeballs enough on their own, now you can turn them into cute lil' Easter-themed creatures! PS-these could also be penguins for a penguin-themed party or classroom unit (but I'd highly recommend making them around Easter time, 'cause if you're anything like me, those Cadbury eggs will never make it to the freezer to use for a later date, nah-mean?). Thanks, Julie, for bringing this delicious idea into my life!



-5 Cadbury Creme Eggs
-1 pack of orange flavour chocolate buttons (from the baking aisle)
-6 squares of cooking chocolate
-2 packs of white chocolate buttons
-2 packs of milk chocolate buttons
-1 black writing icing pen


1. Melt the cooking chocolate and get a clean teaspoon ready
2. Turn a clean, empty mug or bowl upside down (this bit’s important!)
3. Place two orange buttons side by side on the upturned mug/bowl
4. Using the teaspoon, put a small blob of melted chocolate behind the two buttons, where they meet
5. Stick a cream egg on top, pointy end up
6. Using the melted chocolate as glue stick on:
          -Two white chocolate buttons for the eyes
          -One orange button, cut into a triangle for the beak  
           (keep the leftover pieces)
          - Two milk chocolate buttons for the wings
          -One milk chocolate button for the tail at the back
7. Draw the pupils on with the icing pen
Allow the chicks to set and then free them from the bowl by turning it right way up again and filling with a little boiled water – carefully pull on the chick after a few seconds and it should come off whole.


  1. YUM!!!!!!! I really am not a fan of the "original" Cadbury egg...I'M SO SORRY....but love the Carmel Cabury egg....these are almost too cute to get eaten, but I'd have to just close my eyes and enjoy!!!!!

  2. Whaaat?!?! Mmmm, I wish I could say the same for the sake of my hips, but I love them! The caramel ones are delish, as well, so I'm with you on that one!


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