Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny Gift Bag

     I have to be honest in saying that I have NOT been in much of an Easter spirit this year, which is a shame, since its my little one's first Easter, but it just doesn't feel like Peter Cottontail is hippity hoppity on his way (or however the tune goes). This may be partially because of the fact that Easter has come so early this year, but the majority of my melancholy-ness is because it is SO FLIPPING COLD and DOESN'T FEEL A BIT LIKE SPRING!!! Yes, I know that I live in Pittsburgh, PA and that cold is to be expected, but its almost April, and I am declaring a legit breakup with Mother Stupid Nature!!!

     Aaaand, now I will carefully step down from my soapbox and get back to the point. The weather has (finally) been warming up a bit, and I am actually starting to get excited about Claire's first Easter (and not a moment too soon, since its on Sunday), so I present you with a simple, quick, and inexpensive gift bag for Easter goodies. I simply bought white gift bags (2 for $1 at my local dollar store, HOLLA! Yes, folks, I did, in fact, just say holla, and I am not ashamed!) and used white cardstock and scissors to cut out bunny ears and bunny feet and pink cardstock to cut out the insides of the ears, nose, and paws. Using double-sided tape, I stuck all of my pieces on accordingly, used a permanent marker to draw on a mouth and eyes and put my little gifts and tissue paper inside. This would also work for a classroom project, egg hunts, or gift bags for an Easter party! And speaking of gift bags, here is a sneak peak at the gift bags for the kids attending Claire's panda-themed, 1st birthday party! In case anyone is keeping track, she will not be 1 until July 1st, but I love an excuse to throw a themed party filled with craft projects, so BACK OFF!!!



  1. Eeeks!! I can't wait for Ryce to get a panda bag!!
    PS...totes just made a bunny bag for Royce's Easter egg hunt in an hour!! Thanks!!

  2. 3 more months, Kyra Anne! And I loooooove Roycey's blue bag! He is SO talented! Can't wait to see pics from the egg hunt!


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