Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Football Onesie

My precious nephew, Royce last football season

Here is an adorable idea for the littlest football fan in the family, courtesy of my sister, @Kyra Tanner. She simply took a brown onesie she already owned for her little cutie, Royce, and cut pieces of masking tape to form the "stitching." Here are the brief steps to re-create this adorable look:

1. Cut two pieces of masking tape to approximately five inches each (Royce was about 2-3 months at this time, so obviously you will vary the lengths of the tape based on the size of shirt you are decorating)
2. Cut the five inch pieces of masking tape in half vertically so that you now have four, thin, five-inch pieces of tape. Hang the strips of tape not being used on the edge of a table for easy access.
3. Lay one of your five-inch tape strips down the center of the shirt being decorated vertically
4. Cut the remainder of the tape strips in half, making 6, 2.5inch strips (one of these strips will eventually be discarded
5. Place five of the 2.5 inch strips across the center of the shirt horizontally with about one inch in between each strip.

Wa-lah!!! While this look is not necessarily permanent (I do not recommend attempting to wash the onesie with the tape still on), it is adorable and quick and perfect for football season

Royce THIS football season and showing off his moves...TOUCHDOWN!!!


  1. My football loving little guy!!! :)

  2. I can''t believe he will be 1 in just a few, short weeks! Such a cutie patootie!!!


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