Saturday, June 16, 2012

Make Your Own Mustache Necklace

Mustache necklace
Yes, I am well aware that I have created at least two other posts involving the use of a mustache or multiple mustaches (which I can't promise won't get worse in the upcoming months, as my nephew's first birthday theme is "Mustache Bash"), but come on....they're just so much fun, and I will never be able to grow my own, so I must find creative ways to use them artificially!

This particular necklace is easy to make if you have some basic, jewelry-making knowledge. In fact, I found the hardest part to be finding the awesome mustache pendant (for those of you interested, this one was discovered at Hobby Lobby), but now that you know where to find it, this should be smooth sailing!

Tam modeling her very own mustache necklace


-4 split rings
-lobster clasp
-chain link (size and style is your choice)
-mustache pendant
-wire cutter
-needle nosed pliers


1. Wrap chain around neck and use wire cutters to cut on each side according to how far down you wish the pendant to lay
2. Using needle nosed pliers, open a split ring and put through one end of the open chain
3. While still attached to the chain, place the split ring through one hole of the pendant and close the split ring with pliers
4. Repeat steps 2-3 on the opposing side of the chain
5. Using wire cutters, cut in the middle of the chain opposite the pendant (If necklace is long enough, clasp may not be necessary and you can skip this step altogether). Attach one split ring to one side of the open chain and a split ring with lobster clasp on the opposing side.


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