Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cricut Vinyl Big Sister/Little Sister T Shirts

Allow me to begin this blog by stating that I LOVE MY CRICUT MACHINE!!! While I have the most basic version that Cricut offers, I am astounded by how many options this wonderful contraption gives me. I recently purchased adhesive vinyl to be used with my Cricut. While I can't even imagine how many new craft options this will now give me, I decided that my first project with the vinyl would be to make temporarily decorated t shirts to celebrate our upcoming arrival. Since our first "baby" has always been our dog (and I assure you, we don't actually treat our dog like she's a human, but we do love her to death and can't imagine life without her), we constantly joke that her "little sister" is on her way. As someone always looking for a new craft project, as well as a photo op, I went ahead and purchased a large, pink t shirt at my local dollar store and got out a matching pink onesie that we had already gotten for baby. Using the "Alphalicious" Cricut cartridge, I cut the phrases "Big Sister" and "Little Sister" out and adhered them accordingly to the t-shirt (yes, for the dog to wear) and onesie. Since we are just using them for a photo, we can simply remove the vinyl letters when we are done and reuse the shirts. Stay tuned for pics of the "sisters"!!!

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