Saturday, March 23, 2013

$4 Dollar Tree Craft-Magnetic Room Sign

As most of you know (or have read), I am OBSESSED with The Dollar Tree and using random objects I find there to create fabulous crafts! Here is a tutorial for a magentic room sign using Dollar Tree items totalling $4!! Eat your heart out, crafters on a budget!


-Metal serving tray-$1
-magnetic letters (x2)-2 for $1 special
-fabric, pencil holder-$1
-glue gun/sticks
-felt scraps


1. Using a glue gun, glue the ends of a 5" piece of ribbon to the back of the top of a metal serving tray for hanging. Cut out and glue small, felt pieces on top of the ribbon ends.

2. Hot glue the pencil case to the bottom of the serving tray so that the zipper of the case faces the wall when hanging

3. After creating a message with magnetic letters, zip the remaining letters in the pencil case for future use!


  1. I love those trays at the dollar store!! You can do so much with them!

  2. Agreed! Looove me some inexpensive craft supplies!!!

  3. What a really cute idea!!!!!

  4. so easy to make and can be useful in the classroom

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  6. Thanks, Rene! Julie, I use these in the classroom with my kiddos ALL the time! I typically buy large cookie sheets and use magnetic letters for center work and reading activities. They work beautifully with my students!

  7. My boys love magnets ... and I love that you included storage on the back!


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