Friday, April 6, 2012

Children's Craft: paper bowl Easter basket

Easter chick basket

This was a waaay cute project completed by my students in their Home Ec. class. Perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday and so simple!

 Here are the instructions:

-brown and yellow construction paper (shredded)
-sturdy, paper bowl
-two pipe cleaners in colors of choice
-hole punch
-3 plastic eggs (various colors)
-google eyes (6)
-feathers (6)
-orange foam-cut into small triangles for bird beaks (3)

1. Using the hole punch, make one hole on each side of the paper bowl's rim
2. Twist pipe cleaners together and thread one end into each side of the rim, folding and twisting to secure.   
    The pipe cleaners should form your basket handle
3. Place paper shreds into the paper bowl
4. Glue google eyes, foam triangles and feathers onto each egg to complete your "chicks"
5. If you wish, place sweet treats or toys in the eggs for an extra special surprise (my students actually made their own chocolates, which went inside of their eggs. How cool is that?)

One of my students modeling his adorable creation

Wishing all of you and those you hold dear to have a wonderful Easter holiday! May your baskets overflow with love, family, and  friendship.


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