Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scrabble Tile Name Plaques

Scrabble tile frame featuring my name, my husband's name, our last name, and "Love"

If you've read my previous posts, you know that my newest craft material obsession is Scrabble tiles! In addition to the Scrabble tile pendants I've been making, I am now branching out to Scrabble tile frames. I simply bought a frame and cut out houndstooth scrapbook paper to fit the inside of the frame for the background. I then laid out the words I wanted to display in crossword puzzle fashion (this part was probably the most time-consuming, as it was a little difficult to make everything fit the frame and look balanced). Once I decided on the layout, I used double-sided tape on the backs of each tile to adhere them to the background and placed them in the frame. Fortunately, the Scrabble tiles are thin enough that everything fit perfectly and I was even able to keep the glass on the frame (which I had not originally expected!). I had so much fun making one for my house for my husband and I (above), that I decided to make one for my brother as a house-warming gift.

Frame made for my brother and his family

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