Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ribbon Turkey Hair Clip

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, here is an idea for a turkey hair clip for all you fancy and festive girls out there!


-alligator clip
-small, googly eyes
-brown, orange, red, yellow, and green ribbon (1/4")
-lighter to avoid ribbon fraying
-glue gun

1.Line a basic, alligator clip with brown ribbon using a glue gun.

2. Using brown ribbon, glue one large and one small loop to the front of the alligator clip, leaving room behind the loops for the "feathers."

3. Cut about 3" piecesof orange, red, brown, yellow, and green ribbon. Loop the pieces ribbon as shown in the above picture and glue behind the turkey body (in whatever order your little heart desires!).

4. Glue two, small googly eyes to the outside of the small loop representing the turkey's head

5. Fold a small piece of orange ribbon in half, gluing the open edges together to form the turkey's beak. Glue below googly eyes.

6. Using a small piece of red ribbon, curl it into a circle and glue at the ends. Glue the circle below the turkey's beak to form it's "gobbler."

7. Using two, small pieces of orange ribbon, cut a "V" shape out of the ends of each piece to form the turkey's "feet." Glue these pieces to the bottom of the turkey body, one on each side.

8. Using a lighter, burn carefully along the frayed edges of the turkey's feet to avoid further frays.

Keep in mind that this type of clip can be worn by itself, in a pair, or on a headband for extra pizzazz!!!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, and reflection!!!

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