Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crayon Holder Roll Up

Colored pencil rollup, courtesy of The Modern Hive blogspot

The inside of the adorable colored pencil rollup

If I had all day to make these, I would TRULY make them all day long. There are lots of tutorials out there for making crayon (or pencil or marker or WHATEVER) rolls using fabric, but I like to skip extra steps as often as necessary, so I decided to use a placemat I bought at the Dollar Tree to avoid additional sewing and pressing. Keep in mind that the user will be seeing both sides of the placemat, so it is important to find a placemat that is patterned (or at least attractive-looking) on both sides. Placing the placemat vertically on a flat surface, fold the bottom edge to approximately 4-5 inches under the top edge(a little less than halfway). Pin the end of an 18” strand of ribbon in between both layers on each side of the placemat. Pin both layers of the placemat together along the edges and sew along the pinned edges, leaving one large pocket. Sew vertical lines about 1 inch apart (if you are making a pencil rollup; crayons will usually need lines 1 ½” apart and markers could be up to 2” apart, depending upon the width). A variation of this project could also leave enough room for a notebook or coloring book in the middle or pockets could vary in width to appropriately fit a variety of school tools (rulers, pens, pencils, note cards, markers, the list goes on and on). In case my instructions have confused you thoroughly, here is a tutorial (with pictures!) of this project to help you along your way!

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