Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fabric-flowered, Initial Tote Bag

Monogrammed tote bag
I will be the first to admit that, amongst my many other obsessions, I absolutely adore accumulating bags. While this is not uncommon in females, as far as collecting a large number of purses is concerned, my obsession goes a step further to include tote bags and those reusable bags you can buy at virtually any store on earth. Although I am a big fan of the environment and very much enjoy living in it, my reason for collecting totes and reusables is simply because I like having them and storing anything and everything in them. Last summer, I bought about ten tote bags that I was determined to decorate in some way and give to people as gifts. The monogrammed tote pictured is one example that I decorated for my cousin, Kristin.

I started by using a pencil to write the person's initials, placing the initial for her last name in the middle and making it larger than the other two initials (to the right is the first name initial and to the left is the middle name know the drill!). Next, I threaded a large needle with 1/4" ribbon and used a basic stitch (that I started on the inside of the bag) to go around each of the letters. I used felt and a glue gun to create the rosettes seen in the picture and VOILA!!! Super easy and personalized!
My cousin, Kristin, on her wedding day, holding her tote with her new initials

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