Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brown Bear Felt Story Props

One of my favorite children’s books is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? For my sister’s children’s book-themed baby shower (her third shower of four, haha!), there was no doubt in my mind that the book I would be bringing would be this one, but I also knew that the teacher/psycho crafty side of me had to add a little more. As a result, I used various colors of felt and permanent markers to re-create and cut out the animals and people from the book, as well as a large piece of stiffened felt that I folded in half to use as baby’s “follow along” book. The idea is for baby (or toddler, as a baby’s fine motor skills probably wouldn’t manipulate these pieces so well) to place each animal in the appropriate area of the book/felt board as the book is being read.
I cannot wait until this little man is old enough (and hopefully attentive enough) to have Brown Bear read to him and "follow along" with his own version of the book!

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