Monday, August 15, 2011

Special Occasions Board-Magentic

My husband and I both have large families, so keeping track of everyone's birthdays and anniversaries can be challenging, and I happen to find calendars super BORING! So...I decided to come up with a way to commemorate (and help remember) all of the special occasions in our lives. Here's what I came up with:


-metal, serving tray-$1
-scrapbook paper-on hand
-double-sided tape-$1
-circle cutouts (store-bought or machine-cut)
-hole punch-$1 or on hand
-adhesive hooks-$1
-alphabet stickers


1. Cover the metal, serving tray with scrapbook paper using double-sided tape.

2. Adhere alphabet stickers to the top of the tray to spell out "Special Occasions."

3. Stick eight, adhesive hooks onto the scrapbook paper, leaving space between each hook.

4. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in each circle cutout (I used my Cricut machine to make around 100 circular shapes...told ya' we had a big family) and write down a name and birthdate on each circle.

5. Add magnetic strip to the back of the tray, if you wish to stick it on the fridge, like I did. It could also be hung on a wall or propped on an easel, depending upon your preference.

6. Hang circles on hooks (I organized and bagged the ones that did not occur in the present month hung up the ones that did. When this month ends, I will simply go to my drawer and retrieve the next month's baggie)

I LOVE it, and it beats the heck out of a boring old calendar!!!


  1. What a fun way to keep track of birthdays!

  2. Wow...this is just one of the smartest ideas I've seen in a while! very clever.
    Brilliant girl!


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