Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flip Flops Into Comfy, Summer, Slippers

I can’t wait to complete this project with my Girl Scout troop in preparation for our first sleepover! Since the flip flops I chose were pink, I chose a fabric from my stash that would compliment them.  I cut the fabric into 3”x1” strips (I used pinking shears, but you could use fabric scissors or simply rip the strips, if you so choose). I feel like I cut about 50 strips, but I can’t say that I counted them , so I would start with like 30 and then just cut as you go (you’re welcome for the specific-ness, by the way). Beginning on one side of the flip flop, begin to tie each strip into knots, pushing each of the knots close together so that the strap is no longer showing. Repeat this step on the opposing flip flop strap and arrange the knots so that the straps and toe separator are not showing. Trim the tails of the knots to the length of your choice. Complete the same steps on the second flip flop and enjoy your newly upcycled creation!  Perfect to wear around the house for comfort and cuteness!

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