Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leukemia Awareness Bracelet

Here are some pics of my incredible, twelve-year-old cousin, Dustin! Dustin is an avid athlete and all-together well-rounded kid. He is an incredible soccer and football player, soloist in his school’s choir, flute player, and has the most amazing character of any child I have ever encountered! On December 23rd, 2010, when he was just 11 years old, doctors discovered that the result of the pain Dustin had been feeling in his legs was a result of ALA Leukemia. While the rest of us were wrapping last minute gifts, spending time with family and putting goodies in the oven for Christmas day, this amazing guy was beginning the fight of his life. Throughout Dustin’s treatments and medications, he has exuded positivity and light and, to say he has been an inspiration to all of us, would be an understatement.  He has taken his medications and chemotherapy treatments like a true champion and continues to epitomize what myself, my family, and everyone who knows Dustin, would call a HERO!
As orange is the color of the leukemia awareness ribbon, I made each of my family members a bracelet similar to the one shown (the boys all got more masculine looking ones!). I also made my Aunt Patty (Dustin’s mom) earrings to match, as she has been SUPERMOM through all of this and never ceases to amaze me with her hope, perseverance, and never-ending love for her children. Maybe the next craft project I make will be a cape for Aunt Patty ;0)

Dustin’s siblings have also demonstrated their commitment to their brother’s battle by having  blue t-shirts made in honor of Dustin that display “Team Dustin” on the front and the Leukemia Awareness ribbon, along with the phrase “Stay Strong” on the back. Each member of my family, along with many other friends and family members of Dustin own and proudly wear these t-shirts to cheer on their favorite superstar. In order to expand that support to the K-9 division, I bought a blue doggie t-shirt and ironed on a “Team Dustin” phrase for our pup, Reese to wear, as well! While Reese was NOT the biggest fan of wearing said t-shirt, she LOVES Dustin and is also cheering him on in his battle against Leukemia!

If you are interested in cheering on Dustin, as well, feel free to join his Facebook page!/pages/Dustin-Beaver/184941771518036

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