Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Felt Stuffed Owls

Camdyn's owl friends

Using felt, I concocted these stuffed owls for my sweet little niece, Camdyn! At almost eight months, she’s not old enough to do anything but chew on them, but she looks ADORABLE doing so! Since my mommy dearest bought me a sewing machine for my 30th birthday, I decided to start simple. Here are the directions…

Little Miss Camdyn...How cute is this face???

Materials for one felt owl:
-8.5x11 felt sheet (I used green, purple, and camouflage for the pictured owls)
-felt scraps in corresponding colors (two wings, beak, two eyes, two feet
-pinking shears
-fabric scissors
-sewing machine
-needle and thread
Glue gun/glue sticks
1. Fold felt sheet in half and trace the owl shape on one side
2. Using pinking shears, cut through both sides of felt along the traced shape
3. Using fabric scissors, cut out two large, two medium, and two small circles to complete the eyes of the owl, two feet, beak, and two wings in the colors chosen
4. Glue the cut out shapes onto one owl-shaped piece of felt using a glue gun
5. Placing the felt  with the right sides toward each other, pin along the sides of both of the cut pieces of felt
6. Sew along the edge of the owl shape leaving a gap of about three inches for stuffing around the area in which the owl’s feet would go.
7. Turn the sewn fabric inside out so that the right side of the owl is now facing out.
8. Stuff the owl with Poly-fil and hand sew the existing gap

Bonus Owl: I found some camouflage patterned felt lying around, so I decided to make another owl for my 1 1/2 year old cousin, Cole. With parents who are avid hunters, I thought I might as well start his camo obsession early (if it hasn't started already).

Now for some shameless niece promotion...My sister-in-law recently entered Camdyn into the Gerber Generation Photo Search Scholarship contest. If you want to vote for this little sweetie pie, we would LOVE it. You must "Like" it on Facebook first then you can vote up to one time per day for the remainder of the month of July. Here is the link:​rphotosearch/entry/143685/camd​yn.aspx

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