Friday, June 26, 2015

Pom Pom Learning Activities

Now that we are finally getting into the swing of being a family of four (five if you count my crazy, toddler-like dog), I am finding a few moments here and there to update posts and add some new fun stuff to the blog. Bear with me, as its a very gradual process, but we'll get there, haha!
With that being said, in order to keep my almost-three-year-old busy at all times while I am feeding or changing or entertaining her baby sister, I have created some activities to occupy her hands and mind. As a teacher and giant arts and crafts nerd, I had an overabundance of pom poms in a variety of sizes and colors that I decided to use for some of those activities. Here are the activities that were simple to put together and promote academic AND fine motor skills...
Using three rectangular pieces of construction paper in different colors, I laminated the pieces and placed them in a bag, along with five of each color in corresponding pom poms. Perfect for a color sort activity that is easy to store.
Using another piece of construction paper, I drew a line across the middle and labeled the top "BIG" and the bottom "little," also providing a visual of a big and small circle as a frame of reference. The paper was laminated and placed in a large Ziploc with an assortment of big and little pom poms and Voila! (Note-you could also add a "medium" section when you think your munchkin is prepared) A fun and hands-on way to learn and differentiate size!

A final idea (and I'll add more as I think of them and as time allows, haha) is to create dots randomly on a piece of construction paper. Using glue and small pom poms, the child uses his or her fine motor skills to pick up the pom poms and glue them onto the dots. This is such an easy task to put together and little ones love any excuse to use glue. As a side note, if you're hoping to make this activity even more independent or avoid potential mess, use foam stickers so that the child can simply pull of the backing and stick them on the dots.
To be continued...