Friday, April 18, 2014

Fingerprint Bunny Canvas

According to my awesome, Facebook fans, it seems that crafts that children make for parents and grandparents are at the top of their "must see" list. With that being said, here is a sweet and simple fingerprint bunny that children of all ages can make to give to all of their favorite people! And, with two days remaining until Easter, it is fortunately quick, too! Here's how it's done...


-small canvas (mine was 5"x5" and stands up on its own)
-acrylic paint (child's choice)
-cardstock (in a color that corresponds to your paint choice)
-glue gun/sticks
-google eyes
-white pom pom
-Sharpies in various, spring colors

1. Spread a thin layer of acrylic paint on your child's pointer and middle fingers. Spread the child's two fingers onto the canvas and press the fingers down, leaving two finger prints (ours are a bit of a hot mess, but what can I say...toddler+paint=insta-trainwreck).
2. Cut bunny shape out of cardstock

3. Draw a bunny face, hands, and claws on the bunny cutout in the  Sharpie color of your choice.
4. Decorate canvas using Sharpies
5. Adhere the bunny shape onto the canvas using hot glue
6. Hot glue google eyes and white pom pom onto canvas to complete.
For parents and grandparents with multiple kids/grandkids, multiple canvases could be used or bunnies could be placed on one, large canvas!

Hoppy Easter, Peeps!!!
(puns very much intended!)

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