Thursday, April 17, 2014

Burlap Bunny Wreath

How is it even possible that Easter is in 3 days?!?! While I have not slacked on creating lots-o-stuff for the Easter holiday, I am finally getting around to posting them, now that the month has (hopefully) died down a bit! Up first...a cute, burlap, bunny wreath! Here's how I created it:


-burlap ribbon (about 20 feet)
-wire wreath form
-pink tulle
-wire (mine was a very thin gauge, as that's what I had on hand, but I would recommend a thicker wire)
-wire cutters
-Scotch tape


1. Weave a burlap ribbon through the wire wreath, as shown in this tutorial.
2. Bend and fold a piece of ribbon 20" long, as shown in the pictures below.
3. Thread wire through the point of the folded ribbon and twist to secure, as shown in the pictures below
4. Place wire the entire length of the ribbon down its center. Thread wire through the bottom of the folded ribbon (pictured below) and twist/secure, leaving a tail of about 4" of wire at the end.
5. Repeat the process of threading wire through another piece of 20" ribbon.

6. Wrap the extra wire from both pieces of folded ribbon around the wreath about 8" apart (creating bunny ears). Keep in mind the ears may be floppy, so you will need to reinforce with tape when hanging.
7. Tie pink tulle into a bow and thread wire through the back of it. Wrap the wire around the wreath so that the bow sits at the bottom of a rabbit ear.

8. Hang up the wreath and reinforce the ears with tape (place on the wire behind each of the ears so that it does not show) so that they stay up.

My favorite element of this wreath is that, once Easter is over, the ears can come off and flowers, ribbon, bows, etc. can be added for a beautiful spring wreath to last you through the remainder of the season! How cool is that?!?!

Here's hoping the Easter bunny brings you everything your heart desires!

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