Sunday, January 26, 2014

"All You Need is Love" Painted Canvas

The Valentine's Day decoration obsession continues...This time around, its in the form of a simple painted canvas with my all-time favorite quote about love (thanks John, Paul, George and Ringo)! Here are the steps you can take to make one for yourself:


-8x10 canvas
-gold, acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart's Gold Metallic Multi-Surface paint)
-foam brush
-red, washi tape
-red burlap
-fabric scissors
-black, paint pen
-glue gun and sticks


1. Paint two coats of gold paint onto canvas using foam brush.
2. After paint is completely dry, use the black, paint pen to write the quote (or any quote your little heart desires, for that matter!).

3. Place strips of washi tape in angular lines all over the canvas.

4. Cut a heart shape (about 3"x3") out of red burlap
5. Glue burlap heart to the bottom, center of the canvas.

Oh, and did I mention...Love is all you need!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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