Friday, August 30, 2013

Knock Knock...Whooooo's There?

Check out this ridiculously cute owl wreath, created by Sherri Osborn at I am in love! Stay tuned for more owl-inspired projects coming soon!

See the tutorial HERE!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Garfield party decorations

As promised, here are some highlights of my Aunt Rene's 50th birthday party. I mentioned in my post from last week that Rene is a HUGE Garfield fan but had a lot of difficulty finding Garfield decorations..Enter her craft nerd niece (aka-ME)! Here are some pics from the party and of the birthday girl herself.
50 looks good on this girl!
Garfield buckets-made from orange sand pails, felt and hot glue and used for MANY different purposes, like centerpieces...
and cake pop holders...
and wine buckets!!!
Centerpiece, candles and Garfield message book for all of the party peeps to sign
This circular placemat was found at my local dollar store and, with a little craft foam, became more decor for the birthday girl!

Pool noodle Garfield wreath-instructions can be found HERE!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Garfield Pool Noodle Wreath


My aunt Rene, who turned the big 5-0 on Sunday, is a HUGE Garfield fan (to say the least). Every household item that could possibly be transformed into this adorably, grumpy, fat cat she owns. and her Facebook friends can count on reading a new quote or picture every Monday, depicting Garfield's thoughts on the beginning of the work week. Because Garfield decorations are hard to come by and Rene planned a huge shindig (which happened Saturday night and was sooo much fun), I took it upon myself to make her some fat cat-inspired things that could be used throughout the party! I will be posting pics of the party and the Garfield decorum soon, but, for now, here is the how-to for the pool noodle, Garfield wreath I made her...


-orange, pool noodle
-black, duct tape
-craft foam in orange, yellow, pink, white, and black
-2 black, pipe cleaners
-black, permanent marker
-low-temp glue gun and glue sticks


 1. Form pool noodle into circle and wrap black, duct tape around the ends to connect the circle.
2. Wrap pool noodle in black duct tape in four spots to create Garfield's stripes
3. Cut Garfield's ears, mouth, eyes, eyeballs, and nose out of foam in the corresponding colors shown
    below. Use black, permanent marker to embellish the mouth and ears.

4. Using a low-temp glue gun, adhere ears to the back of the wreath and Garfield's face to the front of the

5. Use two black, pipe cleaners to cut out 4, 3-inch pieces and 2, 5-inch pieces. Stick 2, 3-inch pieces and
    1, 5-inch piece into each side of the wreath, as shown in the picture below.

I will end this post by simply saying


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thrift Store Table Revamped

In my attempt to begin sitting on my front porch and getting to know my neighbors better (I have a fully fenced-in backyard that I consider my happy place, so I typically spend my summers there), I thought I would redec a thrift store table I had recently picked up, in the hopes that it would become my morning coffee-sipping space. I started by unscrewing each of the table legs from the tabletop and spray painting them with two coats ofoff-white using Krylon indoor/outdoor paint. I then spray painted the tabletop hunter green.

After the tabletop was completely dry, I placed pieces of painters tape from one end of the tabletop to another and continued to overlap them randomly. Using the same off-white, spray paint as on the table legs, I painted two coats over the tape. Once the tabletop had dried, I removed the painter's tape to reveal a pretty nifty design. After some brief touch ups to areas that looked a litte funky, I reconnected the legs to the tabletop and Voila...I present you my morning coffee spot!
Table similar to the one I bought at my local thrift store

I really should've taken more "before" shots (ahhh, hindsight...), but here is a picture of the tabletop covered with painter's tape and two coats of off-white, paint

Completed project

Coffee corner

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Da dum...Da dum...SHARK WEEK!!!!!

In honor of shark week, here are some awesome, shark-inspired projects, foods, and items for your enjoyment! As much as I am grateful for not having to go back to school yet, I really wish the Discovery Channel would bump this epic week to the school year, so that I can try a bunch of this awesomeness with my students! I'll make a few phone calls and see what I can do...

In the meantime, Enjoy

...but don't go in the water!