Sunday, December 8, 2013

Poinsettia Napkin Holders from Shower Curtain Rings

Its the most expensive wonderful time of the year!!!

As much as I love how well my holiday decorations are coming along, I can't get over how quickly their expenses add up! Between the purchase of a pre-lit tree (which I love and don't regrey buying at all), outdoor lighting, wreaths, and lots of odds and ends, I think its safe to say my wallet took a massive beating this Christmas...and that's without adding in the cost of presents! Yikes! Needless to say, I am extremely grateful for projects like this one that add to the seasonal decorum without breaking the bank! Here is how I transformed curtain rings, craft wire, and poinsettias into beautiful napkin rings using washi tape:


-curtain rings (I found 12 for $1 at my local dollar store)
-washi tape (PS-Costco is currently selling a washi tape holder and 20 rolls of tape for $19.99! Merry Christmas to me!!!)
-artificial poinsettias
-floral embellishment (I purchased 2 small bundles of frosted berries at Michael's)
-craft wire
-wire cutters

1. Wrap washi tape around four curtain rings, covering them entirely
2. Place two small sprigs of frosted berries on each side of a poinsettia and connect using craft wire, making sure to leave a 4-5" tail of wire to wrap around curtain ring
3. Wrap remaining wire around curtain ring, securing the flower to it tightly
4. Cover any exposed wire with additional washi tape
5. Place napkins inside of rings and display proudly!
Wishing you a table filled with family, food, friendship and (as always) fun!!! Happy Holidays!

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