Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ribbon Turkey Vase

With turkey day fast approaching, I thought I'd add a little throwback project into the mix! While putting out Thanksgiving decorations, I came across this little gem I made a few years back for an online competition run by The Dollar Tree (2nd place, what what?!?!) using items found at their stores. The coolest part? The vase used as a base for this project gives this turkey a huge number of possibilities: add lights for extra sparkle, use it as a candy holder, the sky is the limit! Here's how to  make an adorable gobbler of your own:


-1/2” width red ribbon spool
-1 ½” width brown ribbon         

-glue gun and sticks
-1 ½“ width orange ribbon
-pipe cleaners                     
-large google eyes
-glass vase

1.    Wrap brown ribbon around the glass vase in a criss-cross fashion, adding dots of hot glue to secure

2.    Cut two “wings” out of brown ribbon and glue to the sides of the vase.

3.    Using the brown and orange ribbon, cut four feather shapes out of each color. Cut pipe cleaners to the length of the feathers and glue along the middle of each “feather” so that they are now sturdier and more flexible (the pipe cleaner side of the feather will be facing away from the turkey when pieced together)

4.     Fan out the brown and orange feathers and glue towards the opening of the vase on the side that you have designated to be the back of the turkey.

5.   Using the orange ribbon, cut off a 4” piece and fold in half without creasing. Glue the ends of the ribbon together to form the turkey’s “beak” and glue the opposing end of the ribbon to the front of the vase near the opening.
6.    Fold and glue red ribbon into “B” shape and glue beside the beak for the “gobbler”

7.    Glue google eyes toward the top of the vase

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