Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Revamped-Letter Signs to Potluck Labels

Ever go to a potluck dinner where you look at one of the gazillion delicious looking casseroles and say to your husband or friend "What do you think is in that?" I can't even imagine how treacherous these types of meals could be to those with food allergies. How helpful would it be if each bit of deliciousness was labeled appropriately?

Have no fear, the crazy craft lady is here...

I recently purchased a few 5x7" wood plaques at my local thrift store for $.50 each and decided to transform them into Potluck-friendly food displays. I simply sanded the sides and front of the plaques, sprayed two coats of chalkboard paint on them and Voila! The options for these little free-standing plaques are endless---price displays at craft fairs, tic-tac-toe or Pictionary boards for on the go games, scoreboards for sporting events...what else can you come up with???


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