Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Children's Book-Themed Baby Shower

Hey there! I am sooo excited to share with all of you the pictures from a children's book-themed baby shower my sister-in-law Julie amazingly put together for a friend of ours! I mean, this girl went ALL OUT for our friend, Melissa, who just so happens to be a librarian (Seriously...is there really ANY other theme that could have been chosen?). Each table boasted a letter to represent the theme of the table itself (ie-"G" for games). Did I mention that Julie decoupaged each of the letters herself with children's book pages and letters she cut out using her Cricut? Yeah...she's amazing! Please check out the pics below showing off all of the amazing-ocity that was this shower! You won't regret it!

"D" is for "Decorating"
Julie purchased a number of bibs, onesies in a variety of sizes, and iron-on transfers that guests could use to decorate items the baby could wear. Each guest put her name on the tag, so that Melissa could know exactly who created each item when she puts them on her precious daughter!

"P" is for "Prizes"
As if this shower wasn't cool enough, the hostess with the mostest had fantastic prizes (Ummm... Lenox plate anyone??? Hellooo!). Not only is this girl an incredible shower planner, she is also a phenomenal bargain shopper!

"A" is for "Advice"
To go along with the children's book-theme, Julie made an advice book for the soon-to-be-parents to look like a Golden Book (you know the ones I'm talking about) for guests to fill out.

Without a doubt, my favorite element of this shower was how incredible these cookie favors looked. Julie found an amazing company online that willingly created these delicious masterpieces based on the book covers of some of Melissa's all-time, favorite books. Best favor I think I've ever received!!!

"M" is for "Monster"
I totally heart this amazing idea for the centerpieces! Each table was themed according to a popular, children's book using the book itself, stuffed animals, and toys to compliment it. I know, right?!?! How cute is this There's A Monster at the End of This Book table?

"G" is for "George"
Here is the guest of honor's table, themed around the book Curious George Goes to the Zoo. The frames on each table showcased a quote from each book (as if the decorations weren't amazing enough already...)

"V" is for "Velveteen Rabbit"
How sweet are these decorations in honor of everyone's favorite, classic The Velveteen Rabbit? Place cards were also made for each guest indicating their table letter and corresponding book. This girl thought of everything!!!


"C" is for "Cat in the Hat"
How cute is the bath toy fish in the fish bowl? Love!!!


"F" is for "Fancy Nancy"
This table was PERFECT for the little girls sitting at it!

"B" is for "Berenstain Bears"
Love the jewelry boxes used for boxes of toys!

"L" is for "Llama Llama"
How cute is this set up? I couldn't even tell you where she found all the props for her centerpieces, but the lucky mama now has them to keep when her little sweetheart is old enough to put them to great use!

If you've ever been to Oakmont Bakery in Pittsburgh, you know that they make incredible cakes, but this one literally takes the cake (see what I did there?)! They decorated four different flavors of sheet cakes to look like a stack of Melissa's favorite children's books. I am particularly fond of the fondant, Very Hungry Caterpillar!

"P" is for "Photo Booth"
Melissa is a huge fan of cut outs and somehow manages to find them everywhere she goes, so when Julie asked me to make a few based on popular children's book characters, I happily complied! Using foam core board and acrylic paint, guests could transform themselves into Corduroy, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Winnie the Pooh, and Curious George...at least for a few, great pictures. Check out more pics of guests enjoying the photo booth fun HERE!

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  1. Beautiful party - can you give me the link to the cookie company?


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