Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Revamped-paper towel holder to jewelry stand

Before (meh!) and After (ahhh!)

Time for another revamped project here at Hoyby Crafts...Man I love making old crap new again! I found this paper towel holder at my local thrift store and knew it would make an excellent stand for bracelets! What I didn't realize was just how many bracelets this bad boy could actually hold! Score!!! After getting the holder home, I sanded it down and added 2 coats of chalkboard paint. While I love the look of the black paint, my reasoning for using the chalkboard paint was actually so that I can write prices or cutesy words and quotes on the holder if I ever get into selling my jewelry at shows again.

Sanded and ready to go

Two coats of chalkboard paint and short drying time makes this project ridic easy!

Closeup of bracelets on the stand---as you can tell, I've got about 6 bracelets on the stand, which doesn't even take up half the length of the holder. Woohoo for jewelry storage!

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