Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Grandma Gift-Scrabble Tile Plaque

You know I loooove me some Scrabble tiles!!! I have used them for coasters, necklaces, frames…you name it, I’ve tiled it! My current Scrabble tile project is in honor of my mommy, an incredible mother and human being. Mom has dedicated her life to children, not only her own, three children, but to the students she has taught for almost 35 years, as well as those she has mentored in organizations such as Girl Scouts (over a decade of being a leader of a rowdy bunch of chatty girls, no less!), PTO, midget football, and Cub Scouts, just to name a few! Now that my siblings and I have children of our own, nothing brings me more joy than to see her work her magic on her grandbabies! She finds ways to bond with each of her grandchildren in different ways and lives for moments when she can see or Facetime with them again. She is the cat’s pajamas, to say the least! I really hope she doesn’t intend to check this blog within the week, as I plan to give this to her for Mother’s Day!

Here’s how I made the plaque:

-scrapbook paper (your choice of color and design)
-plaque (I found one at my local thrift store for $1. Whoop!)
-Mod Podge
-paint brush
-Scrabble tiles
-pictures, poems, etc. for embellishment

1.       Cut scrapbook paper to fit the front of the plaque

2.       Coat front of plaque with a coat of Mod Podge using a    
            paint brush.
3.       While plaque is still wet, arrange Scrabble tiles (I highly
            recommend playing around with the tiles on a floor or 
            tabletop to determine your final arrangement)in the way
            you want them.

4.   Add photos onto remaining areas of the plaque. I added        
       pics of each of the grandchildren on the days they were  
       born, pics of my mom with each of the babies, and a little
       poem I made up, on behalf of the kiddos.

5.   Paint a final coat of Mod Podge  over photos and 
       embellishments and allow to dry

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  1. I just discovered your blog through decorative and simply adore it! So beautiful and motivating. Best gift for mother.

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